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Do you also apply color logos?

Yes, we use color tape that sticks inside. For a greater effect, we install additional diodes that illuminate the logo.

Can you apply the logo on the mirror?

Yes. For hotels, restaurants and offices we can apply the logo on the mirror. To do this,  we print the logo directly on the glass or use foil.

Do you offer a warranty for electrical parts?

Yes, we ensure that the LEDs, sensor and transformers will work, flawlessly, for at least 3 years. If the lighting system does not work perfectly, contact us and in 3 weeks, it will be replaced.

How does the light turn on?

For the mirrors with LED light, we fix, basically, mechanical switch (depending of the model, for some models a wall switch must be provided). We offer the possibility to choose another type of turn ON/OFF method: touch button, motion sensor or double touch button. You can choose this option from the product page.

What is the color of the light?

The color of the light emitted by the LEDs is 6000K. You can order a warmer light - 4000K. The cost of the order increasing, in this case, by 5%. You can choose this option from the product page.

In the pictures, some mirrors have additional back lighting. Can I have this option?

Yes, you can choose this option from the product page (it is available for certain models).

How long will the LED tape work? Does it need to be changed?

We use only reliable and economical LEDs. We offer a 3-year warranty of impeccable functioning. Practice shows that they work for 10 years, and even longer. If necessary, the LED tape and the transformer can be easily replaced.

Why should I buy a mirror with integrated light, if I can mount a lamp?

Comparing with an ordinary lamp, the integrated LED lights disperse the light directly in front, excluding any shadows on your face. This is comfortable and useful for women during makeup and for men during shaving.

I need an uncommon size mirror. Can you make it for me?

Yes, we can produce a mirror of uncommon size, if it does not exceed 2.5 x 2.1 meters. We also produce mosaic mirrors from a large number of elements. To discuss the order, please contact us.

How thick is the mirror?

The thickness of the LED mirrors is 25 mm, taking into account the box for the lighting system.

Can you engrave a custom 3D drawing on the wooden frame?

We could engrave frames with a CNC router. Please contact us to specify if it is possible to make the desired engraving on the frame your choose.

The frames are painted by hand or in the spray chamber

All products are painted in a special room. This method ensures a uniform surface, without streaks and wrinkles.

What colors are available?

For each product with a colored frame, the available colors are displayed on the site. If you want to order a different color than the ones presented, please contact us.

What are mirror frames made of?

Depending of the model, the frames are made of metal, plastic, wood and MDF.

Is the electric cable included in the set?

Yes, all lighted mirrors are equipped with a 1 m of electric cable and plug for connection to the electrical network. The excess cable must not be cut, it can be hidden inside the housing.

I want to put a mirror with LED lighting in the bathroom. It's dangerous?

No. All the mirrors comply with the European standard of electrical safety IP44. All electrical components - transformer, switch and wires are inside the plastic carcase. They are protected from steam and water. That is why the mirror can be installed in the bathroom or near the pool.

Sometimes there are earthquakes in my region. Won’t the mirror fall?

No. If you install the mirror correctly, using all the fixtures and fittings in the set, the mirror will remain on the wall even in case of strong vibrations.

The fasteners is made of metal. Can it rust if installed in the bathroom?

Not. All the fasteners are made of aluminum, which never rusts.

Will I be able to fix the mirror on the wall on my own?

Yes. In set with the mirror, you will receive everything you need to fix it. All you need is a drill drill and a cruciform screwdriver. The mirror can be installed on its own, but we recommend that, the large mirrors will be raised by two people.

I like the mirror, but on the site it is fixed horizontally. I would like it to be installed vertically (or vice versa). Will I have to pay extra to change it?

No. We will mount the fixing bar in the desired position for free. You only have to mention this fact in the order form.

How much does delivery cost?

We have free delivery in all cities and in most villages in Romania, regardless of its size and weight.

What are the payment methods?

To pay for the ordered products, you have several paying options: bank card payment, bank transfer or cash on delivery (only for products in the Express Delivery category).

When will I receive the ordered product?

You will receive the product within 3-6 weeks from order confirmation. During this time we make and deliver the mirror.

The mirror can break easily. Will I receive the product intact?

Of course. We strictly follow all the necessary steps to deliver your product intact. For the beginning, the mirror is covered with stretch foil, its edges are covered with polystyrene, and then the mirror is placed in a cardboard box, and the box in its turn, in a protective wooden carcase. The mirror is transported only in an upright position on the pallet. All this protects the glass from scratches or cracks.

What should I do if, when unpacking, I find that the mirror is broken?

We will replace for free, the product which was damaged during transport. Please make a picture of the defected part, with your phone and contact us at +40 368 086 110. The courier will pick up the damaged product. In 3 weeks you will receive a new mirror.

Pot monta oglinda in nisa?


Oglinzile nu pot fi atarnate in nise, din cauza specificului barelor de fixare ale acestora.

Pot conecta oglinda cu iluminarea la un intrerupator cu dimmer?

Nu este permisa conectarea oglinzile ce au iluminare led de orice tip, la intrerupatoae cu dimmer. Daca modelul de oglinda ales nu presupune buton de conectarea sau buton touch, aceasta trebuie conectat  doar la un intrerupator simplu. Contar, produsul achizitionat nu mai reprezinta caz de garantie.

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