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SP 2030
SP 2030
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height x width
Front Light
Ambient Light
Touch button
Light Color
SP 2030

The O’VIRRO mirror with metal frame is a real piece of art. Handmade frame is going through several stages of processing: forging, sandblasting, priming and skating. Such a mirror, for sure, will be a jewel in your house. With frontal and/or ambient light as an additional option will amplify the functionality!

The unique combination of glass, metal and light, creates the feeling of lightness and harmony, emphasizing the refinement and opulence of the style. The mirror with metal frame can be installed in halls, living rooms, bedrooms or any other type of residential and public spaces.

O’VIRRO mirrors:

  • Custom Dimensions
  • Long Life LED Technology
  • A++
  • Ultra Slim
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Ecological
  • High quality, efficient lighting (900 lumens / m)

Available sizes:

When you place an order, indicate the height and width you need. For standard sizes, you have the option for height up to 1100 mm and maximum width up to 1400 mm *( other dimensions must be discussed).

Technical specifications

The whole construction has 25 mm, the glass itself is 4 mm. So you will have a minimum space between the mirror and the wall. The plastic carcase hides any technical detail, guaranteeing the safety of the entire system, protecting it from humidity, dust and children's access. There is an aluminum-fixing bar behind, to secure the mirror to the wall**. The connection cable is centered in the backside. The mirror is equipped with a mechanical turn on/off switch.

Additional options:

You can also choose one or more additional options for your mirror:

  • Front LED light - the mirrors with frame can be provided with front light, around the perimeter (in case you deside to instal front light, please install a wall switch to connect the light)
  • Connection system  - in case you deside to instal front light  you can opt for a touch botton (additional cost) or mostion senzor. 
  • The light Color – basically, all our model has a light of 6000K (cold), but you can choose 4000K light (neutral)

Mounting and connection

The design of the mirror facilitates its installation as much as possible.

Mounting steps:

1. Set the height according to the dimensions of the mirror and the space where it will be mount.

2. Measure the size of the fixing bar and mark the distance required to fix the bolts to the wall. Make sure they are on the straight horizontal line.

3. Fix the dowels and screws to the wall. They come in set with the mirror.

4. Hang the mirror on the screws.

5. Connect the power cord to the mains. The mirror cable has a connection plug.


 Attention! The fixing bar is installed horizontally as it is shown in the picture.  If you intend to mount the mirror differently than its design implies, please contact us. We will install the fixing bar in the required position.

Attention! When you turned on the LED light, there is a delay of 1-3 seconds. This gap is normal for LED technology, and is designed to protect the built-in power supply from overloading.

Please keep this in mind, especially when connecting mirrors with touch buttons. Wait a few seconds for the light to turn on, avoid repeated touch.

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Delivery and payment
Free Delivery
We offer safe and free delivery of our products, in Romania, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova
Payment methods
To pay for the ordered products, you have several options: bank card payment, bank transfer or cash on delivery (only for products in the Express Delivery category).
Delivery Time
You will receive the product within 3-6 weeks from the order confirmation (only in the case of mirrors, the other products are delivered for 48 hours). During this time we make and deliver the mirror
We guarantee that the LEDs, sensor and transformers will work flawlessly for at least 3 years. If the lighting system does not work perfectly, contact us and in 3 weeks it will be replaced.
Uncommon sizes
We can produce a mirror of an uncommon size, if it does not exceed 2.7m (width) x 2.1m (height), depending on the model. To discuss the order, please contact us.
Sustainable mechanisms
All fasteners are made of aluminum, which never rusts.
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