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For Potential Partners

Are you an architect, designer or a manager of a specialized showroom?

How long does it take you to find a mirror that fits to the elaborated design concept, and also the 3D model for Autocad, 3Dmax? Sometimes an eternity, right?

Or maybe are you looking for new retail products for your showroom?

For potential partners like you, we created our website, which offers the facility of online collaboration, based on a personal account. Tit will be easy for you to place orders, track their condition, payments and deliveries.

How do you collaborate with ovirro.ro?

All you have to do is let us know by phone or email that you want to become a partner.

We will send you the collaboration contract by e-mail, and after signing it, we give you access to your own account on our website.

You receive the necessary instructions or the necessary telephone support.

We produce the mirror for your clients and deliver it to the door, within 3-6 weeks.

We invest in partnerships based on trust, common values ​​and transparent communication. This is the only way we can get beautiful results together and have satisfied customers.



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