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"O'VIRRO creations are our Universe, in which we invest all our powers, ideas and time."

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We are a relatively young company, with a lot of ambition and enthusiasm. In just 4 years we have managed to win the trust of customers in Romania, Hungary and R. Molodova, through the quality, uniqueness and unique design of our products. We managed to build a network that allows us to deliver customized O’VIRRO mirrors to the customer’s door, just by a simple click. To establish strong partnerships with over 40 companies in the 3 countries.

In a fast-changing world of trends, where materials and shapes continuously evolve, become more complex, recalling all the decades of design, we create mirrors. Today, O'VIRRO Mirror is more than a plain sheet of a reflecting glass material. It is a furnishing piece, a modern interior accessory with unique personality and a wide range of functions. We use technology intensely in our work, but initially we get inspired by people, places and contemporary lifestyle. Creating O’VIRRO Mirror is a complex process. Initial ideas go through multiple changes and adjustments. Technical details are an issue. Every line, angle of reflection in the new O’VIRRO Mirror is thought and tested, prototype based. We love to offer you the greatest experience to buy one-of-a-kind, perfect-for-you mirror. None of our mirror is alike - easy customizable
dimensions, colors, materials and functions. Enjoy the freedom of creating your own pieces, having high quality and custom-made products.


We tend to become the most recognized and reliable mirror manufacturer, offering unique and innovative solutions in domain of interior design.

To amplify continuously the quality of O’VIRRO products and services, in order to meet and even exceed your expectations.




  1. Innovative concept
  2. Utility and Functionality
  3. Made-to-measure dimensions
  4. Design variation in over 90 models
  5. Safety
  6. Easy installation
  7. Mirrors are manufactured based on Special Order.
  8. Door-to-Door Delivery
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