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Technologies, Functionality, Guarantee, Dilivery

We offer you the possibility to find the mirror that represents you. Special, unique, by its style and functionality.

All our products are made based on special, personilezed order. Each product ordered is made especially for you. That is why the delivery time of the product is 3-6 weeks.

Advanced technologies

Revolutionary mirrors with integrated light system will ensure superior visibility and clarity compared with usual light sources. LED mirrors for bathrooms, halls, living rooms and bedrooms, are mirrors that guarantee undistorted reflections and have a higher resistance to oxidation and mechanical wear, comparing to a regular mirror. O’VIRRO offers the possibility to make mirrors according to your own dimensions and design, and O’VIRRO LEDs have a period of fuctioning of 50,000 h.

Increased functionality

You can opt for one or more additional options, such as defogging, additional light, motion sensor, touch button, double touch button, stainless steel frame. Choose the color of the mirror frame. All these options increase the functionality of the mirrors, going beyond its simple basic function.


We guarantee that the LEDs, sensor and transformers will work flawlessly for at least 3 years. If the lighting system does not work perfectly, contact us and in 3 weeks it will be replaced.

Free delivery

We offer safe and free delivery of our products, on the entire territory of Romania, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova. We also deliver products throughout the EU (please contact us).

You will receive the product within 3-6 weeks from the order confirmation, except for the mirrors from During this time we make and deliver the mirror

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